Traditional Stamps

Vuestamp mounts were introduced into the Australian market place as an alternative to wooden strip mounts.

Today, the majority of Australian rubber stamp manufacturers are using Vuestamp mounts.

Vuestamp mounts provide stamp manufacturers with a variety of advantages.

  1. See through base for instant message identification.
  2. Quick and easy to assemble enabling fast stamp turnaround.
  3. No cutting, sawing, sanding, drilling or gluing.

Cost Saving
Vuestamp mounts cost less, simply because a size can be selected and completely assembled ready for sale in a fraction of the time taken to produce an equivalent wooden mount.

Indexing for ease.
Vuestamp mounts are always supplied with full size index cards - pre-trimmed to the exact size. Presentation can be easily enhanced with computer generated artwork, if cut to size and inserted in place of the index  cards provided.

Adhesive Tape Backing
All Vuestamp mounts are provided with the best quality adhesive tape already attached, and are also available with sponge adhesive for the best results.

Optimum Image Transfer
Every Vuestamp size is available with foam adhesive to ensure even pressure across the surface for optimum results printing dies.

Convenient to mail
Vuestamp mounts can be mailed in two parts. Just ask your customer to push the handle onto the base This feature provides smaller packages for postage.

Large Size Range
50 different sizes are available that ensure a fit for practically every size requirement.

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